Our mission at EYEzON is to provide the HOTTEST and HIGHEST QUALITY gauge customization available in the marketplace with an unprecedented level of value and service to you as our customer.

Stock gauges don't belong on custom bikes! Customizing this focal point is the perfect way to show your style. Check our our products and our GALLERY section for inspiration! We work with each customer on a one-on-one basis and every EYEzON gauge is a quality piece customized to exact specifications.

One Stop Shop At EYEzON we customize your gauges, bezels and stereo. We work on many models others do not and we also perform gauge repairs.

Professional Installation
means no tweaked bezel edges, overheated circuit boards, off-color or dim LEDs, warping or fading! No hand tools used to open or close your gauges and no hand soldering irons here. All work at EYEzON is done utilizing specially designed equipment and top quality components in our environmentally-controlled facility. We go to these lengths to ensure your customized gauges exceed OEM specifications and will perform for years to come.