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Our Flame Series. Smokin' hot.
Available in 3 styles and 6 colors.

Upgrade the focal point of your bike.
Have your gauges customized professionally by EYEzON!

  • We customize gauges from 1995 thru current model year
  • Backlighting modification includes scale, needle and odometer LEDs
  • Performed right here at our shop in Orange County, California, we use only the highest quality materials and processes, from opening to re-closure and everything in between
  • Our color process is impervious to UV (no sun fade) and our faces are aerospace grade (no warping or shrinking)
  • We use only production grade electronic equipment for LEDs and repairs - no overheated boards or "cold" solder joints
  • Our specialized gauge tooling also means we don't open or close your gauges with hand tools (see photo on About Us page)
  • ...and its all done in an environmentally-controlled area